Friday, July 25, 2008


What is sequencing and why is it important to children?
Sequencing is the skill of arranging items or events in a particular order.

It is an important skill which has applications in reading, math, and telling time, all things we want our children to be able to do with ease.

How do you introduce your young child to this skill? It's not difficult, and it can be a lot of fun.
One way to do it is to play pattern games. Set up things that are long and short, dried spaghetti sticks, for example, and call them what they are. Point to each item and say,"Long, short, long, short, long...." and your child should pipe up with, "Short!" when you point to the next item.

Do this with colored things, such as red and green apples when you are putting away groceries.
Get some beads and string and make a simple two-color pattern, and have your child copy the pattern. When you are playing legos, have your child copy your color pattern, and then copy one that your child makes up.

If your child likes to do worksheets, print out some free pattern coloring worksheets from for him to color.

Or tell a simple a story, and have your child tell the story back using, "First, next, next, and last"

Good sequencing skills can greatly boost a child's reading and math abilities, and you can easily work on this at home during play. Your child need not ever know he is "working."

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