Friday, July 25, 2008

Calendar for Children

Unlike adults, young children don't mind seeing time pass. Perhaps it is because they don't have much of a concept of life and death and ageing that they can get excited about marking a big red "X" across each day of the week on a calendar. At any rate, they like it, especially if they are counting down to something exciting like a birthday or other special event.

Children need to learn about the days of the weeks, and the months in a year, so it is a good idea to hang a yearly calendar where your child has access to it. It is a better idea to give your child a special calendar just for her.

This provides your child with a visual schedule of the days of the week, the months in a year, an understanding of when seasons occur, and the general passing of time.

You can use the calendar to mark special events, regular weekly events, and even keep a record of the weather. One way to do this is to use stickers or small stamps. I suppose some of you techy parents out there have ways to print stickers, but I like these Calendots from Organized Planet.

Give her the daily job of checking the calendar each morning to tell you what day it is and report any activities you may have planned. And, at the end of the day, have her put the big red "X" on the square. Remember, children love routine.

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